Understanding Others Culture

A person culture affects his thinking, decision, and way of life. That is why we can be able to be surprised to know some of the actions of other people. We consider it rude but in their culture, it is normal for them. As culture can affect many things in one’s life. It is important that we understand their culture. That way, we can build a good relationship with them. It is now normal to work overseas and so we could meet someone of a different culture.

If we will understand it then we can know the reason why the co-worker behaves like that or like something very much. If we will not understand the culture of each other then we can end up with disagreement because both parties want what they thought is good. They can make barriers between them that are not good. A company department or areas are connected with each other so if one part is not doing good, all could be affected.

Culture could also show in children. How they behave and how they act. As they see what their parents do so they also could adapt it. Through the television and social media, we can see that culture of other countries also affects others and they adapt or mixed in their culture what they are learning.

It is important that we have the understanding and knowledge so that we will not have our own fixed idea. But be open and take time to understand and differentiate.